Once you have selected the item you want to personalize click on the Personalization tab in the product window (alongside the Details and Add On tabs) and an easy to use menu of ordering options will appear.

The Diaries will be embossed in Gold to match the gilt edges of the book.

Placement will appear at the bottom of the diary, right justified to align with the title of the book.

You may choose whether the type are Initials consisting of all caps or Full Name consisting of upper/ lower case (capitals/ small letters).

Per Annum will determine the appropriate size of the characters depending on the number of letters requested.

RETURNS: All personalized items are non-returnable, unless the return is due to an error or defect caused by Per Annum. Records of orders for personalization will be kept for ninety days, after which, all personalized items will be non-returnable, whatever the cause.

Personalized orders cannot be taken over the phone.  Personalized orders must be placed on the website or specific details or questions may be emailed to