"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this planner. I use mine for both work and personal items and love that it has plenty of room for my daily notes/appointments, but is small enough to fit into my small purse. I reference the maps in the back fairly often and get a lot of use out of the front pocket. This planner is absolutely perfect for me and now I won't use 
anything else!" 
-Emily from Chicago, IL 
"The Boston Diary is an invasluable pocket asset, I am a nerd about technology but not PDAs, I trust paper.
-William from Reading, MA 
"The Los Angeles Diary goes above and beyond with maps of Santa Monica & The Valley. I also love that movie studios and addresses are listed in my planner. It makes going to interviews and lunches so much easier. After close examination, I'm extremely impressed!" 
 -J.W. from Burbank, CA
"I think it's a fantastic product and serves a vital need in spite of all of the electronic gadgets that are available. If I drop my Manhattan Diary and a truck drives over it, the information will still be available -- unlike your typical PDA." 
-Christopher from Jersey City, NJ
"I've been a customer forever -- cannot imagine not having my diary. Now, my 22-year-old daughter is a fan, in spite of all of the technology out there!" 
-Martha E. from Westport, CT